Available for delivery on 12/12/2019

All retail packaged items are $3.00, You can make a bundle of any 4 items for $10.00.  Bulk buyers of multiple pounds (5 pounds or more) should call for bulk pricing. Minimum order for free delivery in Lancaster County is $10.00, smaller orders can be picked up on farm.

Everything is washed and packaged out of our licenced kitchen on farm.

To order, call, email or text Adam @ Contact . Be sure to include a contact Name and the best way and time to contact you.

4 ounces of Spinach – Sweet and tender, the way spinach should be

4 ounces of Salanova Lettuce – soft textures, lots of colors, perfect for a salad

4 ounces of Pea Shoots – Taste just like Sweet peas, but leaves!

5 ounces of Sweet Pea Spread (Pecans, Pea shoots, Agave, Lime Juice, Salt) – Sweet and creamy, perfect for a veggie sandwich!

Picture coming soon!

1 pound of Butternut Squash Fries (peeled, cut, not cooked) – Takes only a few minutes in the oven for a winter treat!

1 Pint of Pumpkin Puree – Perfect for pies, pumpkin bread or as a vegan replacement for eggs and milk in baked treats!  Not hermetically sealed, must be used or frozen in 7 days.

Picture coming soon!