Fresh Tilapia

Our tilapia develop without growth hormones or antibiotics. They enjoy ample water volume per fish even though they are grown in tank culture. The water is continuously oxygenated and filtered. They are fed only the best azolla (a floating fern), algae, insects, flax, chia, amaranth and quinoa available on the market. The result is a tilapia fillet unlike any other!

Baby TilapiaWe operate our own hatchery on the farm and select only the most robust specimens for reproduction. Tilapia will reproduce anytime of the year as long as the water temperature is at least 70 degrees and they have ample habitat to lay their eggs. The adults will do most of the work hatching the eggs, and the new hatchlings called fish fry are easily separated from the adults with a net.

Our fish typically have opal scales, pink to red orange skin, white translucent flesh, and weigh between 1 and 2 pounds when mature. When buying direct from the farm, fish will only be available whole on ice.

Fillets will be available at local fish markets and restaurants. A list of locations will be shown in the future on this page.